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Anodizing consists of an electrolytic procedure which stimulates the formation of a decorative, protective and uniform “pellicle”. This “pellicle” or oxide layer is classified and designated by a number corresponding to thickness in microns (µ). The selection of thickness is determined according to the aggressiveness of the environment and regulated by norm NP1482.

The standard thickness is 15µ, though 20µ for seashore locations or even 25µ under very special conditions (proximity to factories which produce chemicals, among others) are possible options. In a regular anodic state the aluminium acquires a “dull” milky colour, accepting mechanical treatments: Polished (shiny appearance) or Brushed.

Grupo Sosoares holds two industrial units which have been awarded the EURAS European quality certificate (QUALANOD)- Alfa Sul in Mem Martins and Metalfer S.A. in Fermentelos – which assure the needs of the group regarding this type of treatment, as well as providing services to third parties.

Quality Certificate

Qualanod Alfa Sul 2017 Download
Qualanod Sosoares 2019 Download

Video Anodização