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IT System


56mm opening system with thermal break
Ref. : IT system

Reflexing of improving to the jamb systems arises the IT system with an intermediate section of 56mm. Based on the assumption of improved thermal and acoustic performance white maintaining the competitive factor, this system was developed with the aim to offer an excellent solution to works of current range, ensuring excellent quality/price ratio.



Straight | Oval

Fixed frame


Mobile frame

63 mm


From 4mm to 43mm
(double glazing / triple glazing)


European chamber | Channel 16


Joint in EPDM


Fixed frame: 24mm
Mobile frame: 20mm

Maximum weight/leaf




Casement  (In/Out 1 | 2 leaves) - 150Kg
Door (In/Out  1 | 2 leaves) - 180Kg
Tilt and turn (1 | 2 leaves) - 150Kg
Hopper - 70Kg
Awning - 120Kg
Tilt and slide - 160Kg
Fold (from 3 to 7 leaves) - 80Kg






Test Results

CE Marking(EN 14351-1:2006 + A1:2010):

AIR Permeability: Class 4

WATER Tightness: Class E1050

WIND Resistance: Class C3