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OT System


70mm opening system with channel 16 with thermal break
Ref. : OT System

The OT System was developed with the aim to reduce the execution and application time, consisiting of a system whose processes like machining, assembly and application is greatly simplified. The use of the hardware channel 16 allow multi-axis adjustment, thereby contributing to the excellent operation fo the frame. Combining all this with the application of selective glazing, the OT system provides excellent thermal and acoustics benefits.



Straight | Decor | Oculta

Fixed frame

Straight and Decor lines - 70mm
Concealed line - 70mm

Mobile frame

Straight and Decor lines - 83mm
Concealed line - 75mm


Straight and Decor lines - 55mm (máx.)
Concealed line - 30 mm (máx.)

Maximum weight/leaf

Tilt and turn - 110Kg/130Kg
Hopper - 70Kg 


Channel 16

Test Results

CE Marking (EN 14351-1:2006 + A1:2010):

AIR Permeability: Class 4

WATER Tightness: Class E1350

WIND Resistance: Class C5