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PS System


Opening door system for intensive use
Ref. : PS System

PS system was developed for intensively used entrances to public or private buildings. It is a highly resistant system to usage and vandalism when provided with:

• Anti-break-in system;
• Anti-finger-jamming;
• Anti-panic bar (Savio, designed by Pini Farina).




Fixed frame

52 mm

Mobile frame

52 mm


From 4 to 32mm


Double, lateral in EPD

Maximum weight /leaf

Inward/Outward opening 1|2 leaves - 180Kg
Swing opening 1|2 leaves - 120Kg

Maximum dimension/leaf


1 leaf door - 1,50m x 3,00m*
2 leaves door - 3,00m x 3,00m*

* For heights exceeding 3,00m, consult the Technical Department



Test Results

CE Marking (EN 14351-1:2006 + A1:2010):

AIR Permeability: Class 2

WATER Tightness: Class 1A

WIND Resistance: Class B4