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When the objective passes through the repetition of an image or a draw, the method that is used will be the silkscreen. This process consists in a micro perforated screen where the desired image is reproduced, which is superimposed on the glass. When applying the paint ceramic base above the screen, it will pass only in the spaces with holes and will be retained in the remaining areas. After receiving the ink, the glass is taken to the oven for the ink to glaze it.

The screen printed glass has varied applications: in façades, besides the aesthetics, it functions as a form of solar control, ensuring a good visibility from the inside to the outside; from doors, partitions shower cubicles and also furniture, if applied with the proper glass.

Whatever the reason for the intended subject, standard or custom, accomplished with one or more colors, applied in the inside or in the outside, the inalterability of the colors is guaranteed.