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Pintura Digital Vitrificada

The possibility of create a glass façade and customize it with an image, a picture or a draw, is now possible by a process of digital painting. The process consists in the deposition of ink on the glass ceramic base, through a plotter. After printing, the glass passes through the kiln and then through the oven with the temperature of 750 for paint glaze. Once the molten glass, the ink stays unalterable to the solar radiation and resists abrasion, allowing the exposure of the painted surfaces to aggressive factors unaffected.

Although it can be applied in the interiors, their use is more directed to the outside because it allows, together with the appropriate glass, better solar control as well as the graduation of the light transmission without changing of printed colors. This new technology allows the designers to combine the light intensity and solar control glass thermally efficient in a wide range of decorative solutions where the limit is the imagination.