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Tempered Glass


The thermally tempered glass is approximately four times stronger than a monolithic glass with same thickness and configuration.

It is considered safety glass is used in doors, freestanding facilities, interior partitions, etc..

When this type of glass breaks, it breaks into small pieces that do not present any kind of danger.

Tempered glass cannot be cut or machined.

Thickness 3mm – 19mm
Maximal measures 2600 x 4500 mm

Tempered with HST

The HST is an endurance test done in tempered glass that prevents its spontaneous breakdown, which occurs in some cases due to dilation of nickel sulphide.

During the test, the tempered glass is subjected to a temperature of 290 ° C with gradual cooling.

So the glasses with nickel sulphide breaks, reducing 95% possibility of the breakdown happens after the product is installed.

Thickness 3mm – 19mm
Maximal measures 2600 x 4500 mm