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ST System


71mm opening system with thermal break
Ref. : ST System

The ST system was designed to meet the needs of great comfort. The combination of this system of profiles thermally enhanced with selective double or triple glazing provides high performance of thermal and/or acoustic insulation, thereby responding to the increasing demands of sustainable construction



Straight | Oval | Concealed

Fixed frame

71 mm | 77mm

Mobile frame

Straight and Oval Lines - 78 mm

Concealed Line - 70mm


Straight and Oval Lines - From 18mm a 54mm (double glazing / triple glazing)

Concealed Line - 32mm (double glazing / triple glazing)


European chamber | Channel 16


Joints in  EPDM


Fixed frame: 39mm
Mobile frame: 35mm

Maximum weight/leaf




Casement  (In/Out 1 | 2 leaves) - 150Kg
Door (In/Out 1 | 2 leaves) - 180Kg
Tilt and turn (1 | 2 leaves) - 150Kg
Hopper - 70Kg
Awning - 120Kg
Tilt and slide - 160Kg
Fold (From 3 to 7 leaves) - 80Kg



Test Results

CE Marking(EN 14351-1:2006 + A1:2010):

AIR Permeability: Class 4

WATER Tightness: Class E1350

WIND Resistance: Class C5