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Vidro Solar (Fotovoltaico)


The photovoltaic laminates (PV) glass / glass of Group Sosoares are ideal for contemporary architectural projects integrated in facades, roofs, balconies and visors shade, or in new buildings or in rehab. These solutions are innovative solutions for architecture due to the incorporation of photovoltaic cells of different technologies (crystalline and thin film) are tailor-made solutions which the architect can select the technology, the design in terms of shape, color, color of cells / laminates and rate of transparency. The PV laminates of Group Sosoares meet the standard requirements of security laminates and the PV and all the features of conventional glazing such with thermal and acoustic insulation, solar and optical properties and mechanical strength, adding the production of electricity. These solutions may be provided in double or triple to optimize the solar and thermal properties of glass. The integration in the building can be with aluminum frame for structural facades, stapled or ventilated, frames for roofs, balconies and visors frames to shading, or using the conventional fixing systems for photovoltaic system or coating.

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